SAP© Solutions

ESTUDIO LEVEX helps manage the flow of information within an organization by implementing SAP applications that get immediate results and facilitates tasks in all aras of your company.

We provide technology solutions that deliver tangible short-term results, which enable clients to recoup their investment in technology much more quickly. This is how we ensure that both the client and their business benefit from the right, best technology.

SAP System organizes its work into five product and service areas, which are based on successful experiences with clients of various sizes and from various industries. These areas are as follows:

  • SAP Consulting
  • SAP NetWeaver Solutions
  • Application Maintenance (service ONE)
  • SAP Software Factory

Implementation Approach: ASAP

The ASAP approach is based on the solution lifecycle. The idea is to use technology to get quick results and to create a virtuous cycle between technology and business. This helps to:

  • Minimize the time between installation and productivity
  • Maximize the use of SAP and customer resources
  • Implement user friendly solutions using a process-oriented approach
  • Involve the whole usercommunity

The main advantage of this approach is that it provides a model that can be leveraged again in future processes involving technology changes.

  • ESTUDIO LEVEX helps you get the most out of your newly implemented SAP technology by providing solutions designed specifically for end users. This allows you to realize the full potential of the technology.

Preconfigured Implementation Models: SAP Baseline

ESTUDIO LEVEX is also willing to ease small and medium companies´s management procedures through the implementation of SAP services based on preconfigured models (SAP Baseline – Best Practices). This helps reduce time and cost while ensuring a high-quality process, since each project is carried out according to market best practices.

This solution is designed for small- and medium-sized businesses that aspire to be leaders in their sector. Preconfigured solutions have the advantage of combining experience with SAP in various industries.