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AOG Expo 2023

We are excited to share a visual overview of our participation at Expo Oil & Gas 2023. We hope you enjoy these images capturing the highlights of our Expo experience!

Interview - Juan Pablo Elbusto | LEVEX CEO - Oil & Gas 2023

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Interview - Emanuel Torres | LEVEX Sales Manager - Oil & Gas 2023


Interview with Emanuel Torres, commercial manager of Levex, and Federico Daddona, business director of Aveva

Discover excellence in solutions for the oil and gas industry with Levex, official Aveva distributors. Access the video now!

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Reviewing Operations under a holistic approach: Beyond SCADA/HDMI

Inaugurating the AOG 2023 expo, experts Federico D'Addona - Partner Director LATAM AVEVA - and Cristian Orellana - Partner Manager of AVEVA in Chile, Peru & Bolivia, analyzing how industrial software can help companies adopt a holistic approach to their operations at the different levels and contexts in which it occurs.

They reviewed the problem, providing a concrete approach and sharing some success stories specific to the O&G sector.


Unified operations: convergence between OT, IT and ET

On Thursday afternoon we were accompanying our Pre Sales Manager, Eng. José María Suárez, who shared his deep knowledge and experience in the field of Unified Operations. The talk focused on a topic of increasing relevance in the business field: the convergence between OT (Operational Technology), IT (Information Technology) and ET (Business Technology).

During his presentation, he shared concrete examples of leading organizations that have successfully adopted Unified Operations approaches. Additionally, it outlined common challenges that companies may face when seeking to implement this convergence and provided practical guidelines for overcoming them.